It’s time to tell all of the important women in your life that marijuana can help with menopause. The term itself describes a very dramatic period of change for a woman between the ages of 45-55. These changes take place either before or right after her monthly cycle has ceased. Menopause is totally normal and completely unavoidable. However, marijuana is becoming more widely used amongst women going through menopause to help make managing the symptoms a lot easier.  Read on to see if this natural remedy is right for you or someone you love.

What are the symptoms of menopause and how can weed help?

Some common symptoms include hot flashes, mood swings, and pain. Thankfully, all of these symptoms are often treated with different strains of cannabis and cannabis derivatives like CBD oil for example. Unfortunately, due to the legal status of marijuana in the majority of the world, there is not a lot of research on this specific topic. But there is lots of anecdotal evidence.

Hot Flashes

Hot flashes occur when the body has difficulty regulating body temperature. According to this study, consuming high levels of THC can have a cooling effect om the body, which can soothe or even reverse the effects of hot flashes. However, when THC is taken in small does it can have the opposite effect and actually raise body temperature. It is very important then than dosing is carefully monitored and adjusted.


Pain can exist in many forms during menopause as in muscles, joints or as migraines. Since cannabis works within the body’s endocannabinoid system, it can be an extremely powerful painkiller. Even though after menopause, most women will have a decreased number of cannabinoid receptors, a higher dose of THC or CBD can still prove to be helpful. Many women will be given prescription pains killers to treat the symptoms of menopause. What sets cannabis apart is that unlike these drugs, it is non-addictive and natural.

Speak to your doctor or with your loved ones today to see if perhaps marijuana can help with menopause.