chocolate thunder fuck


The flowering phase lasts for 58-63 days.

80% indica and 20% sativa strain

22-26% of THC.

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buy chocolate thunder fuck online Texas is also known as ATF, Alaskan Tundra and Matanuska Tundra. Therefore, It’s at the top of the list for many longtime marijuana users. Therefore, this Sativa dominant Hybrid is very powerful and induces an uplifting cerebral high. Firstly, early users should be careful at first to determine dosage.

Alaskan Thunder Fuck is great for morning or daytime use.

A smooth and delicious taste experience with very fragrant strong odours of pine, menthol, lemon and skunk.

It’s known to relieve depression, PTSD and other mood disorders, insomnia and chronic migraines. Improves appetite, reduces pain and fatigue. Generates creativity, intellectualism, socializing and peacefulness.

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All WBUD cannabis strains are award winning products that have been reviewed extremely favourably for many years on numerous other marijuana sites in Canada and the USA.

Our strains are grown indoors in British Columbia, Canada. True BC BUD.

buy chocolate thunder fuck online Texas from weediquette dispensary

Alaskan Thunder Fuck, also known under the names Matanuska Thunder Fuck or simply ATF, is a snowy cannabis strain popular for not only its giggle-inducing name, but, also the strong sativa effects it creates. However, buy chocolate thunder fuck online Texas.

In addition, it is Alaskan Thunder Fuck marijuana strain has quite impressive THC levels that range from 16%-23%. As such, this northern delight sativa-dominant creates some pretty impressive cerebral effects, enhances social engagements, and boosts creativity.

Therefore, the buds of the chocolate thunder fuck online Texas are medium-sized and crystal-like in shape with splotches of orange hairs here and there. For example, closer look at the buds and you’ll notice some white sticky crystals.

Likewise, the leaves are pale green in color and tend to grow densely together. In fact, they are also very large, frosty and a little sticky when touched.

Conversely, it comes to smell, some say this marijuana strain reeks of cat piss. Others describe its scent as stinky Mary Jane, earthy pungent and strong skunk.

Again, this is one of the most important strains for a beginner. In addition, it is a rare piece to come by. Buy chocolate thunder fuck online Texas.

Nonetheless, it is an awesome blend and can therefore be loved by all. Conversely, not everyone will like an awesome smoke that is less punget. The great qualities of this herb is the unique smell and taste when it is lit. A soft and sweet sleep that lures you into a happy mood. let’s not forget the bright colors and am. Chocolate thunder fuck online Texas


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