OG Kush


Grade: A

Type: Sativa dominant hybrid

Smell: Piney, lemony, sweet, kind of like frostingTaste: Sweet and smooth, not too strong

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Buy marijuana online Fl couchlock, relaxed, red eyes, very high, squinty eyes, felt loose and calmPotency: High 8/10Reviewed by: Picklator

Good Strain For: pain, insomnia, appetite, nausea, relaxation, ADD, Depression, Migraines

However, OG Kush has medium to large nugget-like buds that have a dense, indica-like structure. The leaves are yellowish green, although certain phenotypes can show traces of purple. The latter color is the result of anthocyanin pigments being activated by cold weather. However, vibrant orange pistils, meant to catch pollen from fertilizing male plants, stand out against these colorful flowers. Buy marijuana online Fl.

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However, this tall growing plant is a great indoor/outdoor plant, but typically does better indoors with controlled temperatures. If you are cultivating inside be sure to give this femme lots of space. As her branches tend to reach far and wide. The yields of this strain are typically high and it is considered an auto-flowering strain. Expect your perfect harvest at around 7 to 8 weeks, or if you are growing outdoors, mid-October. Buy weed online florida. Also, this is one of the best weed out there. So, we like hanging out with you. Actually, we have very few left. Buy marijuana online Fl.

Also, If you find yourself with the motivation to get up and get moving, this is a great bud to take on an adventure. This hard-hitting hybrid is a long-lasting. Energetic strain that meshes perfectly with a busy schedule or creative endeavors. However, If you are the type who likes, this is a great dinner and movie pairing.

VARIETIES of og kush.

Therefore, the high from OG Kush is more head-focused than physical. It starts with a sudden headrush that may lead users to feel more focused on their surroundings; sounds and colors may seem intensified. Conversely, It’s a versatile smoke that lends itself to the user’s mood and mindset The combination of mental stimulation and improvement in mood makes this a uniquely social strain, good for parties and lively conversations. It’s also a great way to enhance activities that involve the body and mind. Like video games, exercise, and even sex. Some have reported relief from headaches and migraines with this strain as well. As with many sativa varieties, OG Kush has the potential to make users feel paranoid with higher doses. This is one if you would like some more. Buy kush online Fl.

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