Blue Haze


Grade: A+
Type: Hybrid
Smell: Like Blueberry and a funky ass kush from the ss haze
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grade : A
Type: Hybrid
Smell: Like Blueberry and a funky ass kush from the ss medical marijuana online uk
Taste: Just like it smells…extremely tasty, like a DJ Shortt
Effects: Heavy on the Sativa end, but a nice balanced high
Potency: If the quality is there, very highReviewed by: S.TripleX
Good Strain For: Creativity, Cerebral stimulation, Euphoria
Blue Haze, more commonly known as “Blueberry Haze,” is an indica dominant hybrid (80% indica/20% sativa) strain created through a delicious cross of Blueberry X Super Silver Haze.


Effects Buy weed online Michigan

Blue Haze brings a lot of potency to the table. Unlike typical Sativa strains which overwhelms your mind, this strain has a much gentler cerebral high. As the physical body high sets in, you are almost assured of feeling a burden released

Blue Haze uplifts your spirit and the combined effects of head and body high makes you feel relaxed. Feeling jolly, and even elated, you also feel energetic. Best of all, the overall good feeling you are experiencing continues to intensify without leaving you in a couch-lock or stoned.


No matter how many ways one could describe how Blue Haze smells, it always come down to how people react to its odor. When it comes to fragrance, this cannabis is a winner. It has a sweet and earthy smell with strong hints of blueberry. There is no chance that you would not find its smell extremely pleasant and enticing.

Flavors of blue haze strain

Having one of the most pleasant aromas in cannabis, a lot of other strains come with an underwhelming taste, but not the Blue Haze. Not only does it have a wonderful smell, it also comes with a delightful flavor featuring a perfect blend of sweet, spicy, and herbal taste with a lingering aftertaste of blueberry. Buy weed online Michigan

Adverse Reaction.

First, the basics. Blue Haze, like any cannabis, causes you to feel your mouth and eyes drying. So, with that out of the way, here is what you need to know. Buy weed online Michigan.

If you are using Blue Haze specifically to help you deal with anxiety disorders, Blue Haze is not the best strain to use. In a small quantity, it might have positive benefits, but in many cases, rather than reducing the symptoms of depression and anxiety, it actually elevates the level of anxiousness to the point that it makes the user paranoid.

The best advice, in this case, is to use Blue Haze in small amounts as you determine how it affects you before you even start using more. Staying on the conservative is always a good advice in as far as using cannabis is concerned. Buy weed online illinois.

Medical benefits of blue haze weed online Michigan.

Medical marijuana users realize the benefits of different strains in its role in managing stress and other ailments. The constant mellow buzz in the head as a result of using Blue Haze can definitely diffuse the tension building up causing you unnecessary excessive stress. A common belief is that if cannabis could relieve stress, then it could also help in anxiety disorders. But that is not the case with Blue medical marijuana online uk Used in a moderate amount, it helps you deal with depression by uplifting your mood and making you feel happy. But overusing is might become productive. Be sure to read the section on adverse reactions. Buy weed online Michigan from us.

Blue Haze has anti-inflammatory properties making it ideal for use in dealing with mild cases of pains and aches. Because it gives you a boost in energy, it also helps in managing fatigue. Because this is an Indica-dominant strain with a fairly high THC level, be mindful of smoking within your limits as exceeding your tolerance level might cause you to feel lazy. Buy weed online Michigan.


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