Blue Berry


Grade: A+

Smell: Divine, the fruitiest smell of any other plant I ever had. You might think you will be rolling up blueberry muffins rather that cannabis.

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Grade A

Smell: Divine, the fruitiest smell of any other plant I ever had. You might think you will be rolling up blueberry muffins rather that cannabis. Buy weed online Ohio.

Taste: Savor this taste because it is unforgettable. You get that sweet berry inhale, with a soft smoke that smells like blueberry heaven.

Effects: A good dosage of this will keep you feeling great through the rest of the day. It leaves you full of energy and enhances the senses. One may start appreciating everything like T.V., music, imagination, and laughter.

Potency: Very High. Light-weights be careful, do not let the plant’s voluptuous blue side fool you. This plant can be immense. Too much can leave you paranoid for a good hour. A good 3-4 hits will have you through the day.

Good Strain For: Mood enhancer, appetite inducer, daytime use, euphoria, great time, and waking up.

BLUEBERRY STRAIN: Buy weed online Ohio.

Blueberry is an 80% indica and 20% sativa hybrid that has a lineage that goes back as far as the 1970’s. Back then growers were experimenting by crossing Thai landraces with Colombian and Mexican landraces, one of the outcomes was Juicy Fruit. The hybrid strain Juicy Fruit was subsequently crossed with an Afghani landrace by DJ Short creating the first ever Blueberry around 1979. Buy weed online Ohio.

The buds and leaves of the new strain had a blue hue to them and it smelled of berries and fruit. DJ Short therefore aptly named her Blueberry. Even though the newly created strain consisted of at least 80% Afghani indica. It still had the original sativa effects of its ancestors.

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It wasn’t until he 1990’s that DJ Short decided to bring the genetics of his Blueberry to Europe by teaming up with Dutch Passion. A number of new hybrids were created, giving birth to Blue Satellite, Blue Moonshine and Blue Velvet. The Blueberry strain hasn’t gone out of style since and has remained a staple with many coffee shops and growers ever since.


Named Blueberry because of the blue hues in its leaves and buds, this strain is not only beautiful but also very potent. She holds 19.5% to 21% THC, so it packs a punch, but it is still easy on the throat when smoked and goes down smoothly. Her incredibly sweet and fruity taste with floral hints. Reminiscent of blueberries and forest fruits. Buy weed online Ohio.

The Blueberry offers a long lasting body stoned that is very relaxing but it also. Gives the user mild feelings of euphoria, relieving stress and providing an uplifting high. It is medicinally used as a painkiller, an anti-depressant. To help with anxiety and to promote better sleep. Buy weed online Ohio. Therefore, we are the very best in town. Hence, our service is the best. All of our products are in town. Today, we are having a show. You can stop by and get a few supplies from our shop. Everyone should come. Conversely, lets make it in time. We will begin on time. Our parking lot is full. Therefore, come and.


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