Amnesia Haze


Type: Sativa – Cross of Skunk and Jack Herer.

Smell: DankTaste: No aftertaste, heavy

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Grade: Premium

Type: Sativa – Cross of Skunk and Jack Herer.

Smell: DankTaste: No aftertaste, heavy

Effects: Hits you quick and is very heady. I had energy but it was mellow. My head felt pretty floaty for about 2 hours, and after 4 hours I could tell the “Amnesia” had worked because I could not remember the previous 2 hours.

Potency: High

Buy amnesia online, how to buy amnesia online is a sativa dominant hybrid cannabis strain that features 60 percent sativa genetics and 40 percent indica genetics. The strain is the result of the crossbreeding of parent strains AMS and Amnesia Haze. This strain is known to produce large yields, with elongated flowers that form the shape of foxtails. The THC content within the buds is high, making it a great choice for smokers looking for a powerful and long lasting high that targets both the body and the mind.

However, where can i buy amnesia?. This is a strain that will appeal to cannabis connoisseurs, due to the complex flavours and tastes that can be examined and enjoyed whilst smoking this strain. Buy weed online Tennessee.

Taste: Savor this taste because it is unforgettable. You get that sweet berry inhale, with a soft smoke that smells like blueberry heaven. Therefore, Buy weed online Tennessee.

Buy weed online Tennessee

Effects: A good dosage of this will keep you feeling great through the rest of the day. It leaves you full of energy and enhances the senses. Futhermore, One may start appreciating everything like T.V., music, imagination, and laughter.

Potency: Very High. Light-weights be careful, do not let the plant’s voluptuous blue side fool you. This plant can be immense. Too much can leave you paranoid for a good hour. A good 3-4 hits will have you through the day.

Also, Good Strain For: Mood enhancer, appetite inducer, daytime use, euphoria, great time, and waking up.

Hence, the strain is reported to be effective at stimulating appetite, relieving stress, reducing pain, and countering fatigue. Be sure to keep a bottle of water or juice on hand when delving into a joint, as the strain is recognised to cause some severe dry mouth. Also, Buy weed online Tennessee.

Therefore, amnesia can be grown both indoors and outdoors, and features a flowering time of around 9 weeks. Plants grow up to a medium height and remain at a manageable and stealthy size throughout the entirety of the grow cycle. Indoor yields are classed as medium, yet outdoor plants can provide up to a massive 1000g per plant. Buy weed online Tennessee.

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