Genetics: Grape God x Grape Rhino hash oil x Grape Rhino kief
Grade: A+ (Highest possible rating)
Type: Indica x Indica x Indica


Appearance and Smell

cavier weed strain base is Grape God.  Grape God is a brilliantly colorful plant, producing dark green and purple leaves, covered in white trichomes, sticky resins, and orange pistils.  These leaves are then prepared and infused with high THC Grape Rhino Hash Oil, producing an even richer grape, fruity aroma.  The dried nuggets are then rolled in Grape Rhino kief, adding additional fragrance, taste, and a strong kick of cannabinoids when burned.

Caviar strain

Growing weed from Caviar cannabis seeds and cuttings is of medium difficulty.  You start by growing the Grape God marijuana variety which is an easy plant to grow.  It thrives in sunny and drier areas, full of nutrients.  Extra nutrients can be provided with Flower Power fertilizer.

Indoors, Caviar Weed will take 8 to 9 weeks until it is ready for harvest.  These medium-sized plants will yield about 18 ounces of usable plant material per square meter.

Outdoors, you can look forward to harvest in late September.  Grape God will yield about 21 ounces of prime weed per plant, to be dipped in hash oil and rolled in kief to produce Caviar weed.

which joints provide cavier weed strain

The hit of Caviar Weed is strong and delicious.  The flavors of grape and even chocolate play into the interplay of strengths and flavors in this gourmet creation.  Due to the infusion of Grape Rhino Hash Oil and kief, Caviar Weed must be used with care.  Toking must be done carefully, giving enough time to allow the effects to hit so that you can carefully monitor the strength of the doses you are using.

The Indica effects dominate and blanket the body in a heavy cover of tingling, heavy euphoria.  The effects may have you moving slower.  It may make it difficult to participate in highly active engagements but, it is good for overcoming a bout of pain or anxiety while doing a relaxing activity such as watching TV or eating.

Finally, Caviar Weed is great for getting the mind and body ready for bed.  You can easily drift off into sleep listening to a soothing audiobook or watching a light TV show.

Smell: Be sure to open in an area with little or no wind as it’s coated in kief; literally smelled like some Godiva dark
chocolate soaked in grape Kool-Aid. I thought about eating it for a second.
Taste: Consistent with smell on both inhale and exhale.
Effects: CAUTION!!! Should not be handled by “amateurs”. I made the mistake of medicating on alcohol and was passed out after 2 hours; resulting marker penis on forehead had to be explained to spouse.
Potency: I have never medicated with anything this strong before.
Strain Good For: Anything with little or no physical or mental activity e.g. sleep, movies, sleep.

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